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Wolf pack changes in RTH 2514
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Author:  Brightwood [ Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Wolf pack changes in RTH 2514

Heads up, folks! Sorry for my unfashionable lateness, but here is our updated wolf pack in the new RTH year (2514), with some changes in rank, some deaths and some new additions. Pay special attention to the changes in the alpha and beta pairs! These changes are in effect from the beginning of RTH 2514. They will also be up on the wiki soon.

Please take a look and also make sure your wolf's rank in your character's CIS matches the list!

Halfmoon (m, Evervale)
Mooncrier (f, Honey)

Frostback (m, Blacksnake)
Redbrush (f, Brightwood)

Beauty (m, Notch)
Duskgreeter (m, Farscout)
Fireweed (f, Windburn)
Longhowl (m, Cinder)
Longtooth (m, One-Leg)
Muddypaws (m, Crackle)
Rambler (f, Longshot)
Silverbite (f, Nightstorm)
Splash (f, Otter)
Starlight (f, Kestrel)
Thief (m, Thornbow)

Bonetrail (m, Pathmark)
Branch (f, True Edge)
Briarfoot (f, Foxtail)
Browncoat (m, Newt)
Crowsong (m, Cloudfern)
Fumble (f, Dreamflight)
Patchface (m, unbonded)
Peakrunner (m, Goldspice)
Pounce (f, Greenweave)
Silversong (f, Glow)
Slychase (m, Snowfall)
Softjoy (m, Rill)
Thumper (f, Windsong)
Windswift (f, Rainpace)

Autumnleaf (f, Fadestar)
Flea (f, Copper)
Foxnose (m, unbonded)
Highpoint (f, Willow)
Murkfur (m, unbonded)
Silkear (f, unbonded)
Sleuth (f, Chicory)
Sunsoak (m, unbonded)
Tenor (m, Starskimmer)

Rooter (f, Beetle)
Weasel (m, Moss)

Second-year - two females, two males
New cubs/yearlings - three males, two females

DECEASED as of RTH 2514
Growler (m, Quick Fang)
Icemane (f, Suddendusk)
Sky (f, Willow)

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